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The “More than English” blog serves dual purpose: to increase the reader’s knowledge and understanding of the world and gain mastery of English at the same time. We bring you original content you won’t find anywhere else and help you choose books,videos, movies and TV shows. We want to help readers participate in the global conversation.

The best way to master a foreign language is to start using it as a tool to understand messages, making sense of interesting and valuable content. Our goal is to help people to become sophisticated communicators in a globalized world.

Mastering the English language is an important part of reaching this goal, but effective communication needs more than just a high level of language competence. That’s why our motto is “More than English”. In our workshops and courses, we help trainees to train the skills they need to become strong communicators. In our blog, we provide original advice and insights and review material aimed at improving communication skills.

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